May 05 2010

Today everything could have been a freaking dnssec problem

You might have read about it .. al over the internets. but today a big step for the implementation of global DnsSec implementation is being made .

You might want to read up about the impact.

And test here if you are unsure about your situation.

Apr 02 2010

Starting a Collection

Apparently I started a collection ..
Of DNS books signed by their author ...

As already mentioned on twitter, Jan-Piet Mens kindly gave me a signed copy of his alternative DNS Servers book, last week at the UKUUG 2010 Spring Conference

When I got that book I didn't even know yet that this morning I was going to be at a seminar on DNS sec by Cricket Liu
and because of having registered so late for the event I certainly wasn't expecting to get one of the books that were going to be handed out to the first 50 people that signed up ... but I was lucky ..

So which book should I try to get next ? :)