Last saturday was ZooCamp , also known as Barcamp Antwerp II

The location , the Antwerp Zoo, was the same as for the last CloudCamp Antwerp edition, so I was already pretty familiar with the location.

Lots of new people at ZooCamp and also a bunch of regulars..

My 4th barcamp and the 2nd where I didn't do a presentation, I hope the fact that Inuits was sponsoring ZooCamp made up for that.. contributions can be done in different forms, and you can't always keep coming up with new topics.

I went to ZooCamp with a backpack full of internet connected things as that was the topic , my freshly upgraded TuxDroid and my Chumby .. but I didn't even have the time to fully unpack them and set em up. The biggest problem with the chumby was the website authentication that was required for wifi access.. and a Chumby with no wifi is like a pub with no beer.
I had even planned to do a rerun of my CloudSec talk from the last CloudCamp Antwerp, however the schedule filled quite fast with different interesting talks ...

Frank even managed to hijack my favourite topic, yes that's right .. he did a talk titled "Everything is a Frakkin DNS Problem". He pretty much covered zero of my typical cases so I can still do a run of my version of that talk one day :)

This barcamp was almost back to basics, apart from the location, wifi and the obligatory catering the crowd took charge , Lunch was everybody on their own .. so we ran out for Sushi , great ..
Not sure if we need to cough up that amount of money for a location in the future ..
Ideally we'd be able to find a location for free at some companies office, but that seems to be a difficult task for a saturday event.

Oh and we got to see the baby Elephant.. it was sleeping :)


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#1 Mike : Oh.. funny Kris!

do post your version of "Everything is a Frakkin DNS Problem" eager to read your cases :)

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#2 Anne : 'k ben er bijna zeker van dat

'k ben er bijna zeker van dat de huur van deze zaal duurder was dan zaal + catering ergens anders, en dat is jammer natuurlijk. Want 'iedereen zorgt voor zichzelf en de anderen' is uiteraard veel beter.
Gelukkig is voor volgende barcamp in Brussel alvast een hoster gevonden.