Twitter Woes

This one has been sitting in the drafts for too long, but frankly there's not much I have to add.
Twitter is acting weird , we all know that .. but the following movie really beats everything.

Yes that's right what you are seeing is me logging into my twitter account, checking my @krisbuytaert
messages and seeing the @vti messages and then even taking full control of their (in the mean while deleted) account.

I used Istanbul to record the session and realized later that I should have done it in a better quality, however I didn't want to do the "hack" again :)

Anyone got an explanation for this ? Obviously I've sent the VTI people a mail so they are informed of this hickup.


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#1 Movie Club : That's pretty scary stuff.

That's pretty scary stuff. I've been a twitter member for almost a year now, but I rarely use it. People gaining access to other users' accounts is a huge reason to keep me away from the service... I'll definitely not be linking up my Twitter to any of my other accounts any time soon.