Jul 26 2008

On the death of a monopolist

So it seems MySQL got on the radar of the monopolist, but the quotes that came from that event are more interesting .

Over at Oscon2008 Oscon people started realizing that the old monopolist definitely isn't the one to be afraid of.. there's new ones out there..

I already got quoted in a local magazine on the fact that new startups are more looking to Google than to redmond, but it also seems that Apple is the new kid in town to envy.

However, when looking at the Linux desktop I think we shouldn't be trying to imitate anybody .. we should be trying to head the pack, just as we have already done with Vitualization and other technologies.

Jul 25 2008


I'm not sure if this is going to be my yearly .. I wish I was .... post ..

It could be I wish I was at OSCON, but then I'm already at OLS

Last month it could have been I wish I was at Velocity while I was at Usenix but I wasn't at either of them.

But it seems like we are running out of days this year as this is allready the 2nd time that 2 major and interresting conferences with overlapping audiences collide.. strange ..