Aug 25 2008

Raid is obsolete

In a lot of environments.

Peter gives a nice overview why you don't always need to invest in big fat redundant hardware.

We've tackled the topic last year already ..

Now I often get weird looks when I dare to mention that Raid is obsolete ..people fail to hear the "in a lot of environments"

Obviously the catch is in the second part, you won't be doing this for your small shop around the corner with just one machine. You'll only be doing this in an environment where you can work with a redundant array of inexpensive disks. Not with a server that has to sit in a remote and isolated location.

Next to that there are situations where you will be using raid, but not for redundancy, but for disk throughput.

Jun 03 2008

Xcerion, please abort your mission

So back in early may 2007 (yes 2007) I signed up for the Xcerion Beta program, I`m always interested in the next new Internet OS etc so I tought it was a good idea to give it a try.

In December of that same year I got a message stating that I made it to their Beta cloud. Their mail stated

This is your invitation to participate in Xcerion's XIOS/3 Beta program. You are one of the first in the world to get access to XIOS/3.
We currently only support IE6+ browsers. We are working on adding Firefox support (high priority).

Obviously didn't sign up ..
In April when I got the invite mail for the 4th time .. I replied to the Xcerion folks ..

As I am a Linux user .. I need firefox , since your initial mail
december 21st last year you say that Firefoxx support is high
priority ...

Their reply:

We have made some great progress on the Firefox version. This is the most
complex and fully featured cloud OS available, which makes porting more time
consuming. We are also constantly adding a lot of features. Xcerion is also
considering doing a native Linux version :)

Today I got yet another mail from them guess what still isn't supported ?

We currently support IE6+ browsers. Rest assured that we are working on adding Firefox support (high priority). The Firefox support will also enable usage of icloud on Mac and Linux

It's time to give up guys .. you lost the battle.