Dec 03 2009

Changing the title of my Blog

After what google announced today it's pretty clear who to blame as of now, no it's not Dim0 anymore,, it's not a Freaking DNS Problem anymore its just plain old google.

Yep Google announced they will be providing a public open DNS server . So rather than claiming that Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem, now everything is a Freaking Google Problem.

Google tracking which sites you visits while not using earch, it's a DNS Problem , Google tracking different Google Profiles you have and matching them together indeed, another Fine DNS Proble, Google tracking what different users are working the same computer and mapping them it's a DNS Problem,

Face it.. there is no need for a Porn mode in your browser anymore, google will be able to log every query you make .

And serve you adds cross profile ..

So the best DNS servers to use as of now are located at