Apr 15 2009

On ugly clothing :)

Tarus , when at the UKUUG conference a member of the order of the Green Polo was presenting last month , I was wondering why he wasn't wearing his Green Polo.

Now I know... it's just like these ugly Green Jackets at the Masters, you have to return them to Augusta after one year :)

Apr 21 2008

Groundwork should be afraid

It seems that Groundworks is afraid
of John. And with reason. I looked into their product and hmm.. well.. I`m not gonna use the words John used.

But given the fact that hey manage to break a working apache setup during their installation, fail to create a working installer and create RPMs that require environment variables to be set before you can install them ..

Well my expectations were lowered drastically. Oh and when you register at their site.. expect to be bothered by supportive sales people. Multiple times :(

Most people are talking about Hyperic, Zenoss , openNMS, Nagios and Groundwork, weird that Zabbix is almost never in that list .. yet