Jan 14 2009

ShareoMatic Drupal6

As asked long time ago by different users I finally ported the Shareomatic module to Drupal6 .

Bug reports are welcome. as is an affordable bigger house.

Anyhow Enjoy !

May 14 2008

Shareomatic Drupal Module

I finally found some time to commit the "big pile" of shareomatic module code into the Drupal CVS tree.

I must say that I was positively surprised by the release process one has to go trough in order to release a Drupal Module. It reminded me of the release process we use internally :)

Mar 19 2008

Shareomatic Drupal Module

I was just chatting with Tom from Shareomatic
and realised I wasn't using Shareomatic enough .. Probably because as far as I knew there was no Drupal module for it.

So I grabbed the DiggThis 5.1 code and modified it to support Shareomatic.

Tom still needs to modify some things and I also need to .. but the initial draft is here enjoy !