Nov 18 2008

Last weekend I blogged about openQRM 4.2 being released.

This morning Matt finally let me know the long waiting fresh and new Drupal based is live !

Feed Added!

Jun 18 2008

openQRM 4.0 Beta

As I just mentioned on and Matt just posted , openQRM is reaching 4.0 Beta state. Lots of new stuff , lots of changes.

From the things I've seen a couple of weeks ago it really looks a lot better, lightweight than the previous openQRM

Guess feeding Matt some Sushi helps :) You should try it too..

Apr 07 2008

Xen and the art of

Some of you already notice a lower posting pace on this blog, and wondered why..

Well the answer is pretty easy .. I've started writing for and my Virtualization content is now living over there. Well, at least the one that is suitable there :)

The latest in a series of articles about , Open Source Virtualization. it's history and what's happening with Xen has just been published.

So head over there !

Mar 14 2008

Looking back at a Decade of open sourceVirtualization

Earlier this week published the first in a series of articles about Virtualization in Open Source.

In that first article I`m looking back at where we come from in the Virtualization field both on desktop and server level.

The sequel to this article will tackle today's virtualization options.

Feb 24 2008

Interview with Matt

Over at my good friend Matt Rechenburg of openQRM fame got interviewed. Enjoy his insights..

Feb 14 2008 just Relaunched just launched their freshly revamped site. is your central place to read everything about Virtualization that's happening on our little planet, news, rumours, events, interviews, howto's and many more.

Go check it out !

Disclaimer: I`m writing for