Jan 24 2008

Where to get Miro

I totally missed out about Democracy being rebranded to Miro , so I ended up downloading the RPM from It totally kept crashing on me ..
while looking at the reasons and if there were updates I noticed the FC7 version at the Miro site being totally outdated when compared to what Fedora itselve already had in it's repository.
guess what .. that version works like a charm ..

Now I only need to figure out a way to integrate Miro with my MythTV box
I`m running an rsync --delete from my laptop where I`m downloading stuff to /var/lib/mythvideo
and I delete videos I've seen on my laptop via the Miro interface.
So far that beats watching video's on my laptop screen.

However .. I actually would like to be able to tag video my videos and have my MythTV box download the content by the time I get home to watch it.

Werner ?