Sep 02 2008

Xen Summits

Stephen , good thing you think about touring to Europe again for the Xen Summit.

Colocating with LinuxTag or LinuxKongress would really be a good idea, but make
sure to organize it the day before or after , not during the congress :)
On the other hand .. you wrote LinuxKongress, but you probably meant didn't you ?

But then again Cambridge is also a lovely place for a summit ;)

Jan 27 2008


When Tarry mentionned Kevin Lawton , I remembered I had seen hem speak once about Plex.

I however couldn't remember where, I was sure about Germany , tought it was LinuxKongress. I tried to remember over dinner where .. couldn't remember ..

Eventually google figured , it was in Stuttgart at LinuxTag back in 2001.

If only I had known back then what I know now :)

Jan 04 2008

LinuxTag 2008 CFP

Whow thats only 7 days left !
Better hurry if you want to present something in Berlin this year.