Dec 02 2007

10 or 100 Virtualization vendors to watch die fast in 2008?

Tarry is pointing us to a couple of companies that he thinks we should watch in the Virtualization area next year.

He's right.. these are exactly the kind of companies we will watch die fast in the next couple of years. All proprietary vendors, placing a bet on becoming the next datacenter integrator are are placing their money on the wrong side of evolution.

Why on earth would a sane IT manager want to bet his infrastructure on a 3rd party tool that implements on top of a proprietary vendor ? Because he wants to be locked into an infrastructure where he looses control over what he wants to be running ? Does he want an environment where he will be forced to puzzle together functionality he really wants by trying to integrate different proprietary vendors that won't play along ?

Heck haven't we learned enough over the last decades .. the key to growth is interoperability and openness. That's how the web was build .. it wasn't build buy 100 proprietary software vendors setting up a different service you could talk to with different fat management client all trying to accomplish the same features.

If you still haven't understood that .. please move one ... but don't bother me.