Jan 23 2008

Q-Layer will opensource Q-San and Q-Store

Here at Profoss Kristof is just announcing that Q-Layer will be opensourcing their Q-Store and Q-San technologies

From their site

Q-SAN is a hyperfast Infiniband or Gigabit ethernet enabled virtual SAN: it is a pure software solution that has all functionalities of the common hardware-based SANs. Q-SAN is available as an option of Q-Store; it provides virtual disks to servers provisioned on top of the Q-layer platform and to external consumers over the iSCSI protocol.

Q-store is a storage and volume management solution with an easy-to-use GUI and a SOAP API that allows full automation and integration. Q-store enables storage virtualization, the pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into one single device that is managed from a central console. Storage virtualization can be applied for a wide range of purposes, such as high-end database storage, backup storage, virtual disks for virtual servers etc.

Jan 22 2008

Profoss Presentation online now..

As Nicolas already mentionned Profoss is going steady ..
with the Panel discussion going on right now ..

I just uploaded my presentation.

Jan 08 2008

I got Interviewed

Some people obviously think I`m still interresting enough to interview

Reminds me of my first interviews over a decade ago .. I`m still being remembered by one of my famous quotes back then rougly translated to "those toddlers steal my bandwith" , when being asked about how the growing userbase of the KULeuven PC rooms in the Dekenstraat influenced my network usage :) (Think 1994 ish :))

But the acutal news is that Profoss is coming closer and closer .. and you should now Register!
So all you Drupal and MySQL folks out there.. this is your chance to learn about virtualization !

Dec 12 2007

ProfOSS Virtualisation

For those of you reading my blog the old fashioned way with a browser you might have seen the ProfOss Virtualisation conference Badge popping up on the right.

For the others:

So come and hear me speak at ProfOSS next January !

Nov 07 2007

Profoss CFP on Virtualisation

The next edition of Profoss scheduled late january will tackle one of my favourite topics. Virtualization ..

Raph just posted a Call for Papers he says :
If you have deployed a Free or Open Source virtualisation technology in a demanding professional environment, if you're a services company with extended expertise with virtualisation, or if you have developed a virtualisation software under an open source license, or built a product based on open source technology, and want to share your experience with your peers, please don't hesitate to submit your proposals.