Dec 12 2007

ProfOSS Virtualisation

For those of you reading my blog the old fashioned way with a browser you might have seen the ProfOss Virtualisation conference Badge popping up on the right.

For the others:

So come and hear me speak at ProfOSS next January !

Oct 15 2007

Open Source Conferences on this Planet

Maty Asay points us to .. yet another incomplete list of Open Source events on this planet

Now if one could just make either an RSS feed of this or a create a calender out of it so we can integrated it in our favourite calendaring client. Or just create a group on upcoming and keep that group consistently filled up.

They probably should already add and 2007
as the dates for those conferences are already announced.

They should also keep an eye on Sven Guckes page as he has some updates on events.
and als on Martin Schulzes page

Anyone else knows some locations where to find good conferences ?
And yes the more specific conferences such as the ones on MySQL , Drupal or OpenOffice also deserve a place in that list !