Mar 08 2009

Conspiracy Theory

<conspiracy mode>
Claudio , Isn't it obvious, Sun doesn't want you to use Linux, they will do everything in their power to prevent that , such as slowing down releases of software for our preferred platform, so that you might even start to consider choosing for Slowaris
</conspiracy mode>

Aug 19 2008

Viral Marketing Works !

You obviously know these viral marketing schemes, where you create a social network that will try to establish a brand via referrals and other people discussing it.
A brand will become more popular because lots of people will be pointing to the new products or features.

Microsoft also seems to have figured out this method. They demoed one of the most interesting features of their product at the Olympics

And according to Matt it seems like the FrankFurt airport also is showing off this feature. Obviously this isn't the first time this virus pops up but it seems to become popular again


May 22 2008

Distro Synchronisation

Look Mark , Red Hat and Novell have Synced their releases :)

Well.. not really .. even different Xen versions :)

Oct 12 2007

Slashdot party invaded by Microsoft Spies

Philip , I wanted to take pictures of the guy in the Blue shirt with the weird logo .. but you guys didn't let me..

I really wonder what he was doing there.. the only answer I can come up with is that he was spying on us and that Microsoft is creating files of which Open Source people to sue .. so laughing with his shirt might not have been our best bet.

I`m starting to be scared, the guy obviously had some friends and he was into what he called Business Intelligence .. that's like Microsofts Central Intelligence Agency right ?

Were there any other Slashdot parties invaded by the borg ?

UPDATE. There used to be a typo in this article, but honestly it was NOT on purpose ..
I had a good laugh upon noticing however ..