Mar 17 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Linux ??

Last Friday that's march 13th, Gizmodo wanted us to celebrated the 15th birthday of Linux. Kinda weird... as about 15 years ago I was already using Linux ....

Fact is that the 1.0 release of Linux just had it's 15th birthday , but Linux itself is heading towards its 18th in september.

Getting old ..both of us :)

So when trying to catch up on my Linux Journal reading I ran into the 15 years of Linux Journal article, which makes a lot more sense than 15 year of Linux.

The fun part being Shawn's adapted Bio

In 1994, Shawn was attending his first year of college at Michigan Tech University. He skipped his engineering classes almost every day to sneak into the computer labs and play with Linux. At the time it seemed a waste of tuition, but looking back, he wouldn't change a thing.

Now pipe that trough s/Shawn/Kris/g and s/college at Michigan Tech University/KULeuven/g .. simlar story there ...

My LJ subscription is up for renewal... not sure what I`m going to do .. I haven't been reading it from front to back anymore as I used to, I`m usually running 3-4 issues behind on reading .. And by that time I can read everything online anyhow...

Oct 09 2007

My First Linux

Pete and Dave are starting a trend that comes back every 2 years.

How long have you been using Linux ?

It must be the We're getting old week. With /. turning 10 etc

I recon it's pretty difficult to remember exact when and how after all these years. I do remember my first Linux Workshop in Brussels somewhere 1993 I also remember that when I started out writing a new project my first version always was 0.98 because I think that was the first Linux kernel I ever used ..
And yes it was an SLS and yes I remember going over to some friend before a Datalink meeting with a stack of 1.44 floppies then having to wait for another week since one of the floppies went bad and I had to make a new copy of that disk. We've come a long way :)

So when did YOU start with this Linux and Open Source thingie ? :)