Sep 04 2007

LinuxConference Europe 2007 4/X

Dirk Hohndel told us that we should really become more polite on LKML and stop calling people pummel, twat, stupid clueless or braindead . Yes even Linus should.

Over lunch I figured out that we are not 10 .be folks but 12 .. yay !

Bdale is talking about GNU Radio after that it's GIT Time

Aug 07 2007

Brandweer Waarschoot

The Brandweer Waarschoot has a funky DNS problem.
Weird how the "real press" claims their site has been "hacked".

Well.. it happened to everybody and their rother earlier this decade .. they only got lucky a brave soul used his credit card for the right goal.

Aug 02 2007

Quote of the day

"I cant open that .txt file, could you please send me a word document"

Can someone please, please pull all the morons of the internet so we can get our jobs done again .
Thanks in advance ..