Sep 04 2007

LinuxConference Europe 2007 2/X

Sunday evening was the conference dinner, someone tought he was really funny to have us all walk about 3Km more than we needed to. The instructions on the back of our entrance tickets gave us a full tour of the Cambridge suburbs, I should have followed my guts.. not the people trying to read the instructions, would have saved us half an our at least .
Luckily we took the short way back. Dinner was typically english .. nuff said :)

So monday started out with a whole bunch of sessions related to filesystems and storage.
Bryn M Reeves gave a really good intro to LVM , then Jan Blunck took over and started talking about how to scale the Device Mapper snap shot solution. I tried to see Dag's talk on dstat but I`ll have to try again at T-Dose as I missed the largest part of the talk due to some phone calls :(
Next up was Olaf "thank god I`m not doing nfs anymore" Kirch (who also listens when you just shout Lars in the streets of Cambridge) who introduced us to iSNS.

So after lunch the filesystem track continued with Steven Whitehouse talking about VFS and cluster filesystems , Jorn talking to us about the future of Flashdisks ant their appropriate filesystems, and Chris Mason from Oracle finishing of with a talk on Btrfs.. pronounced "ButterFS"

There were 2 different busses to the Duxford air museum which was a bit of a pity since both groups didn't really meet eachother, so it wasn't really a social event where you could chat and meed with everybody at the conference.