opensource days

Oct 03 2008

Open Source Days 2008 , Copenhagen, Day 1

I'm expecting different people not using Dopplr to come back to me next week and tell me they were in Denmark also , as Copenhagen is the place to be this week(end)

I was late for the first talk on how to automate a large scale school environment with gentoo. So I missed the rationale for the development of DIPO, and I didn't want to bother the speaker with questions he had already explained in his earlier slides, however .. it spelled "reinventing the wheel" all over again.

The second speaker apologised for being late on schedule as the first speaker had to compile everything. Nigel Kersten from from Google talked about Puppet, need I say more.. it was great :)

So lunch is really really early here as from 11u30 on , however I didn't mind as I was up since 5 , so I actually was pretty hungry :)

After lunch 3 talks and a Keynote were scheduled. In order not to be late for my own talk I headed into the Open Solaris Storage talk ... , not really interesting :(

Funny quote from the talk however "The clients are still Linux, but the server is already solaris"...funny thing to say ... certainly for a dying breed.

My own talk was fairly well attended, people were sitting on the stairs in the Auditorium and there was a lot of Q&A after.

As said in my talk last week in Zurich I don't think
Sun has a really clear message with what they are doing with xVM etc
So the talk aftermine should have cleared that out shouldn't it.
Well it didn't , all I got back from it was .. "We ported Xen to Solaris" , and "Our demo doesn't work because of a funky dns problem."

So Robin Rowe is keynoting about about Linux at the Movies.. and tonight it's off to the Social event .. well one of them :)