lightning talks

Oct 19 2008

Lightning Talks

I mentioned the Lighting talks during the Social event at OpenExpo in Zurich earlier

I've now placed my slides for the openQRM lightning talk online .. basically a stripped down version of the slides I used at the OLS Virtualization Miniconf

I also told you folks about the 80 something slides lightning talk Tobi Oetiker did in Zurich , turned out I was wrong he used 128 slides
And he mailed that they can be found at svn://

Lightning talks are fun :)

Sep 25 2008

OpenExpo Social event

Yesterday apart from Free Beer, the social event also featured a couple of 5 minute lightning talks.
Tobias Oetiker took the first slot, his 5 minute talk was incredible. In 5 minutes he went trough 80 something slides , really remined me of the St Peter talk about Jabber and Security a couple of years ago at Fosdem. I after 2 talks I realised that I could strip down my OLS openQRM talk and give it in 5 minutes too .. so I did :) Awesome.. 5 minutes is really really really short :)
But I managed .. I even got questions at the end :)

Definitely a good concept to let people decide on giving a talk at such a short notice :)