Sep 16 2008

Swallowed the Poison Pill

I kind of poisoned my laptop earlier today , I fell for the Google Trap , their new browser somehow seemed interresting enoug to look at. With CodeWeaver's
Chromium build I got tempted into installing the thingie.

Mistake :)

Yes it all looks nice and fancy , but at first sight it isn't really faster than
my firefox. Now the real disappointment comes when you start browing the web
with it. The first time you end up a a site that uses flash however you realise
you won't be using the codeweavers build that much.
Yep there it goes wrong ...

So I don't really see the advantage of running Chrome in Wine while my Firefox beats the crap out of it on all levels.

rm -rf /opt/chromium/

The bad wine is gone .. back to regular business again..