Tab Dump , Drupal Performance

Have to close some tabs .. what more can I say ..

2 interresting articles about Drupal and MySQL performance tuning

here and here



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#1 Jeremy Dubois : Open Tabs

I also use and find that it is a decent alternative to having a whole slew of tabs open at once.

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#2 Linux Consultant : performace tuning is a black

performace tuning is a black art, every bit of infomation is one step close to being a master. thanks for sharing.

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#3 reader : Thanks for your articles.

Thanks for your articles. They helped me improve my site performance in more then 2 times.

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#4 Kris Buytaert : del.icio.what ? :)

Funny the first open tab I currently have is your post about the Fosdem Devroom :)

As in .. need to read/blog/comment this .. but I have to go to bed now :)

It's probably a mental switch, but an open tab
reminds me that I still have to do something with the page.
Like test it , or blog about it.. bookmarking it usually means "archive and forget"

It's like putting mails back to "Unread" if they still require some action ..

Oh and btw :

Oh and while I was typing this I figured out another big advantage of having a zillion tabs open.
In case of a powercut , like the one I`m currently experiencing at my customer you can continue reading the open tabs rather than wasting time at the coffee machine ;)

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#5 LenZ : Bookmarking services help :)

Ever tried Much better than keeping tabs open forever... But I must admit I am guilty of that myself :)