Sushi and DNS Problems

There seem to be different repeating topics within the Open Source and Geek community.

Koen did a good job explaining how the Great Belgian Firewall reall can't be solved using DNS tricks.

And Giuseppe tackles the ever recurring Sushi. It has to be said ... Geeks love Sushi and not just the MySQl geeks , every conference we go to we try to squeeze in at least 1 Sushi visit.. sometimes more ..... Nurenberg, Manchester, Cambridge, Ottawa , ... and there's more to come .. :)


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#1 positive thinkig : That's interesting, thanks

That's interesting, thanks for sharing.

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#2 Zombie : Sushi vs. Sashimi

Even vegetarian geeks love sushi, but the pictures on that page are only about sashimi, and that's not sushi.
My kids must be geeks in the making too, because they get wildly enthusiastic every time I promise to make sushi.