Swallowed the Poison Pill

I kind of poisoned my laptop earlier today , I fell for the Google Trap , their new browser somehow seemed interresting enoug to look at. With CodeWeaver's
Chromium build I got tempted into installing the thingie.

Mistake :)

Yes it all looks nice and fancy , but at first sight it isn't really faster than
my firefox. Now the real disappointment comes when you start browing the web
with it. The first time you end up a a site that uses flash however you realise
you won't be using the codeweavers build that much.
Yep there it goes wrong ...

So I don't really see the advantage of running Chrome in Wine while my Firefox beats the crap out of it on all levels.

rm -rf /opt/chromium/

The bad wine is gone .. back to regular business again..


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#1 Todd Beardsley : Firefox

I like Firefox much better than anything else I have tried. It just works well for everything I want to do.

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#2 Joe: Tampa Real Estate Agent : Chrome not so good after all !!

Very nicely put the metaphore of swallowing a poisions pill. I on the other hand asked about the reviews on different forums and checked out the sites to see how other people are feeling about it.

90 % of the people were disappointed about the google chrome so I didn't go into the instalation thing. I am pretty happy with my FF it rocks.

So No Chrome for me


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#3 Josef Redaktion : Google Owns the World

Does anyone else think that the world is being taken over by Google? They know what we search for, now they know what we view on our browsers, they have taken over more websites and web applications than I can think of . . . . does Obama or McCain have any history with Google . . . someone might want to look into that . .. hahaha!

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#4 Limoeg : I am agree with the

I am agree with the statement that Google owns the world and everyone knows that's the way it is.