Matt Rechenburg of openQRM gets Interviewed

Ostatic interviews my good friend Matt Rechenburg of openQRM fame

There is one part however where I think we need to elaborate ..
In the Question about the closest alternatives Matt replies "There are some projects like Virtual Iron and Zenoss which are focusing on the same tasks as openQRM. Now I have to disagree about Zenoss being in the same area as openQRM , But Zenoss.. totally different product , not even remotely close to what openQRM does. Zenoss is a competitor to Nagios, HypericHQ , Zabbix etc. You could have an Zenoss plugin in openQRM , just as you can have a Nagios or Hyperic HQ plugin for it . We have presented about these different technologies earlier this year at OLS. And you can still vote for your favorite tool.

Competition for openQRM to me is Enomalism, openNebula, Eucalyptus , with that difference that they don't do Physcial machines.
All of the Enomalsm, Nimbus , openNebula, OS Circular etc projects are focussing on managing Virtual Machines deploying them over the network . with that difference that they have or support an API to talk to and they are al rebranding to the overhyped Cloud terminology. They are all focussing on just a subset of wat openQRM is doing and that's where openQRM has the edge.. OpenQRM does more than just one type of Virtualization and it does more than just virtual machines. Because of the fact that it supports more than 1 Virtualization platform it also comes with a complementary P2V and V2V migration toolkit. Apart from that it integrates (Virtual) Machine Management with other tools and gives you a dashboard to work from .

The 451 group has some more insights about the growth of openQRM since Qlusters set it free , seems like both the downloads and the traffic for at since the changes are up. Obviously the community likes the new openQRM approach, and so do I ;)


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#1 joselu : Osmius: The Open source monitorinf tool

Haven’t you heard about Osmius?

Osmius is a Open Source Monitoring Tool prepared to monitor almost anything connected to a network. They have an Agent Development Framework, and the engine is build in C++ over ACE (so is real multiplatform and very, vaery fast).
The business view is already integrated using SLA and services in an easy way to understand.

There’s a lot of work to do (we started with real develpment a year ago) and it would be nice to receive your impressions and improvements.

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#2 Matt Ray : That was a head scratcher

I agree with your take on the interview, that was an odd choice of alternatives to compare openQRM to Zenoss. Zenoss doesn't really have any plans to get into provisioning when there are so many good Open Source alternatives like openQRM and others out there. Our plan is to continue expanding and refining our network and systems monitoring and management. We are excited to see the community growing up around openQRM without Qlusters and hopefully we'll eventually have a plugin for integration as well.

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager