Where are the Virtualization Zenpacks ?

Zennoss has announced the entries for their zenpack contest . What strikes me is that there is not a single entry that plans on monitoring Xen, KVM, VirtualBox or any of the other Open Source virtualization technologies .. Not in the contest entries and not in the existing community packs .

This sounds like a big opportunity to me :)


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#1 Matt Ray : Oops

I just noticed that you were referring to the contest, rather than all Community ZenPacks. I stand corrected, there were no virtualization entries in the contest.


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#2 Matt Ray : You missed one

It's not an Open Source technology, but there is the Community-provided VMware ESX ZenPack.

But I agree, I'd love to see monitoring of Open Source virtualization products. We recently added a new section "Writing A Zenoss Performance Collector" to our Developer Guide (http://www.zenoss.com/community/docs/) that should be quite useful for anyone working on such a thing. Our next major release, 2.3 in October, will have much improved VMware support, which should act as a good template for OpenVZ, Xen, VirtualBox or whatever technology you choose. Sorry to hijack the post, but if anyone wants to work on such ZenPacks for Zenoss, let me know and I'll try to assist any way I can.

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager

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#3 Frank : Have you ever actually

Have you ever actually worked with the Xen-API? It's unbelievingly badly documented, source is unreadable and you'll get [nl]stenen kloten[/nl] from working with it!