A week of EEE

Obviously this last OLS week I've been carrying around my EEE. I left my big fat laptop in the hotel room to work on and make backups
at night but the main working machine of the week was my EEE.

Typing speed etc was reasonable the I only often ran into hitting the Up arror rather than the Shift button.
My biggest dissappointment however is the battery life. Surfing on this thing for more than 2 hours is just not feasable.

Then it's a matter of getting it charged again ... watching /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state update while you are still using it is as
painfull as watching grass grow. and shrink again while you watch at it ..

So I tried to keep it charging as much as possible.. so that I could make it to the end of the day. Then charge it at night so I could had a full battery again by the next morning.

But afterall the EEE cost less than my phone.. so it's worth the money .. and I was really glad to have it with me it's small, it's
lightweight .. and will last more conferences for me :)

O that and the fact that it heats up a lot


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