Vote for your favourite monitoring tool

27% (158 votes)
8% (49 votes)
28% (167 votes)
25% (146 votes)
8% (48 votes)
4% (24 votes)
Total votes: 592


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#1 marco

I know quite well nagios,prtg,cacti and a little bit Zabbix. I also know my friend that know quite well zenoss but now he is migrating to groundwork (after I shown it to him).
I had a look to hyperic and although it has a very nice gui and a some interesting future in my opinion one big missing future is the lack of parent/child management.
Groundwork is based on Nagios and I think everyone know the power of Nagios. Nagios is too difficult to configure but groundwork make it easy. my opinion Groundwork is definitively the best. I'm using it since 2 years and I'm very satistied; I'm monitoring 120 devices (servers and routers,switch etc...) using an agent-less installation (wmi for windows and ssh for linux).


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#2 Xavier

It's not possible to vote? Where is the poll?

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#3 Kris Buytaert

Nope the poll is still open..

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#4 Allen Sanabria

Zenoss is definitely number 1!!

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#6 Kris Buytaert

You might have noticed this is a blog about FLOSS related stuff.

Why would anyone even consider looking at a proprietary tool if there is already an overload of Open Source tools around that are replacing the "Big 4" ?

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#7 Amy Abascal


It's GroundWork, not GroundWorks.



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#8 jpoesen

monit? cacti? my own set of scripts?

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#9 Markske

cacti maar dat staat er ni tussen

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#10 Ghosty

Voor systemen nagios maar voor switches en dergelijke lijkt opennms ook nog wel iest (automatische detectie van een hoop stuff). Maar als je systemen wil monitorren op basis van snmp dan lijkt nagios toch nog altijd het zwitsers zakmes.

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#11 Kris Buytaert

Depends on the app indeed.

But for an a purely switch/ snmp based environment id' go for openNMS, not for Nagios.