Matt has a good overview of the hidden costs of the soon to be available Proprietary device with a Vendor Lockin clausule. Some people are probably already slowing down on their coffee addiction to be able to afford the gimmic but the sad truth is it remains an utterly expensive proprietary and closed device to call people.

The fact that here in Belgium even TestAankoop is vouching for a change in legislation to make the brick affordable is just sad.

So let's stop all the BS about this closed device and go buy an openMoko ..

It's just too bad the Neo FreeRunner isn't available yet for a European mobile network (900/1800) (or at least Sold Out)


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#1 Matt Casters : Q, not TA

Kris, I really think it's Q, not Test Aankoop (TA) that's the problem here. TA said they would be fine with coupled sales under certain conditions...namely that the device would still be also available separately. (and a couple of other restrictions)

I really would prefer that Minister Q devoted his time to slashing the paperwork for corporations and individuals alike, in stead of spending time to hack his iPhone.