Not using Open Source requires Anonymity

The local Trends Magazine has a big article about Open Source and Free software.. sadly it's mistitled "Gratis software becomes real business"

Apart from mentioning the usual suspects ,the obligatory Acquia mention, and the fact that everybody who is in the business wonders where the so called market analists get their figures, the biggest surprise in the article are the things that are NOT mentioned.

It seems that these days you have to be ashamed for not wanting to use Open Source ..

Translated: "Also other and often big software companies see the advantages of using open sourcemodules in their packages, although the are not making it public. "We are a big proponent of Open Source , but I don't see how you can live from it", says the managing director of a Flemish Information Services Group, who prefers not to have is companies associated with open source"

Pretty pathetic, Yes we are using Open source, No our customers shouldn't know,
No you don't get to know who we are, we want to remain anonymous.

I've got a pretty good idea which company this might be .. do you ?


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#1 rb : Really strange

This part of the article is very surprising indeed.

However, I'm always cautious with what I read in the press. The journalistic process could have put those 2 sentences together when they were said at 20 minutes interval in a totally different context.

If this article is reflecting reality however, it confirms the necessity of organising further Profoss events. People should be proud of (or at least not hide that they are) using FOSS in professional environments, and customer should ask about it!


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#2 Matt Casters : Pek en veren

OK Kris, you grab the feathers, I'll get the tar!

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#3 Steven Noels : FitIT/Ebit, IIRC. Oh well.

FitIT/Ebit, IIRC. Oh well.