Yesterday I was just exhausted ,

Wednesday was a thrill, after a great Plugg organised by Robin, we organized an Ad Hoc Brussels Geekdinner chez Henri in order to finish up with Open BeerClub (BTW Bruno how many points do you get for that ?)

It's weird how I keep running into demoscene people that are all starting or already running interesting projects. About 15 years ago we were all partying at Assembly, The Party, Wired etc .. we lost touch , stopped calling eachothers BBS's
and now years later ... we meet again

I wonder if my old Buster BBS account is still working at it's younger version :)

Yesterday after from locking myselve out of my house and car (thank god for wifi) I made it to LinuxWorldExpo Brussels , a the usual Linux suspects combined with a bunch people selling overpriced disks and a some irrelevant software vendors that think security still is a product that can be bought , pathetic.

The fun part is running into the whole Belgian IT crowd, the sad part is it's the same people over and over again.

Well.. it was fun.. met some new people ... got some really good news ... but now it's time to get some work done again ...