Is the stack complete now ?

It makes sense. Sun didn't have a Database in their platform stack yet.

They have an OS they should abandon, but they have the hardware and they have appservers, however for a database people needed to go shop elsewhere.
Oracle , IBM and Microsoft also have a pretty complete stack
Others still need to fill the gaps.. Interesting times..


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#1 Elise : stacks for all

Yes ... Not a great fan of integrated stacks myself. SAP anyone ?'s picture

#2 : oo

Hopefully this will replace the database supplied with Open Office..

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#3 zugaldia : Wow, this is big news. And

Wow, this is big news. And probably good news for both companies, as both will benefit from this movement; I can't wait to see the results. (By the way, I knew about this thing by your blog, you were pretty fast!)