Drupal RPM's

Dag is creating Drupal packages

So I`m wondering if I should look into packaging different drupal modules. Certainly would help me
Anyone interrested ?


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#1 U : The next major step for

The next major step for Drupal will be assembly of an RPM repository that bundles compatible components into RPMs that can be managed as such. In order for this to succeed the server filesystem architecture must be created such that a single installation of Drupal can run multiple sites.

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#2 Kris Buytaert : Install vs Enable

I enabling / disabling these modules per site an alternative ?
(My limited Drupal knowledge might be blocking me here..)

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#3 themegarden.org : (IMHO) packaging Drupal

(IMHO) packaging Drupal modules (in RPM, or deb or whatever) probably will "kill" flexibility of installation for those modules.

For example, you could install some module into sites/all/modules/ folder, but sometimes you could wish to install some module just for one sub-domain (in multi site drupal setup)