Identifying the Distribution of a Linux System

So Russel is wondering how to figure out what platform you are on by adding a script or so that will tell you you are on a RPM based machine when trying to run dpkg or tell you you need to use rpm.

Imvho that system is broken .. as everybody with some brains uses apt, even on an rpm based system.



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#1 Anonymous : ouch, en dan nog eens "Your

ouch, en dan nog eens "Your comment has been queued for moderation by site administrators and will be published after approval."

Als je ooit een comment spam krijg mag je met champagne trakteren.


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#2 Anonymous : RPM?

RPM? What the F is RPM?

In other news: something sucks with your comments section:
1. I have to "preview". After the preview the captcha changes. Makes me fill in two captcha's for the same post. Ouch, man!
2. I can't leave my name/url/email as usual. You might want to set "Anonymous posters must leave their contact information" ;-)
3. Captcha's suck heavily.

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#3 Kris Buytaert : Comments

Are now a bit "less" protected :)