The New devops Audience, Drupalistas !

When I first started out giving talks about devops , I realized that I was preaching to the choir, some Barcamps, the Keynote at Loadays , the Dutch Unix Usergroup etc .. lots of people in the audiences knew about the pains we were trying to solve, lots of them already knew some of the tools we use and lots of them already talk a lot with their developers or are part of the deveoplment teams

With our Devoxx talk, Patrick and I started to talk to a different audience , the Java devs , and it was great, we all learned from it. With that experience in mind I submitted a variation of the talk to an audience that is also very important to me ... the Drupal Community .

Devops is gaining importance , while we been practicing devops methodologies since ever, now even the big analyst companies etc are writing and talking about the movement, the drupal community really should also get involved.

So if you care about devops, about devs and ops working together, about continuous integration, continuous deployment, configuration mangement, automation, monitoring and scale, if you've heard about all of the above but have no clue what Puppet, Hudson or Fabric can do for you , vote here for my proposed talk at Drupalcon Chicago,


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#1 lefred : devops vs DevOps

please Kris use "devops", why should we try to meet those two worlds in one word if we split them again in that word ?
repeat after me devops, devops, devops :-P

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#2 Kris Buytaert : you are right .. Patch

you are right ..
Patch applied