MySQL HA , an alternative approach

For those who've seen my presentation on MySQL HA, you already know that I often use a multimaster setup with a meta OCF resource that groups my favoured MySQL instance with the service ip , using a meta resource means that pacemaker monitors mysql, but it doesn't actually manage it. It's an approach that works for us.

One of the other approaches I will be looking at soon is the freshly released OCF resource that Florian announced last week.

Back in the days our approach meant we didn't have to use clone resources, which you might remember being pretty buggy in the v2 era, not wanting to use clons resources isn't really a valid reason anymore these days . I've also frequently mentioned the combination of using DRBD and MultiMaster replication, using this set of OCF resource makes that a lot more easy ..

Now all I need to do is find me some time to validate this setup.


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#1 Anonymous : Pacemaker HA

Hi kris ,
I have installed pacemaker and trying out HA clustering with it. I would like to know whether the pacemaker restarts a process if it crashes due to some bug which is not reproducible. OR lets say if httpd is being monitored and we kill -9 all the httpd will it restart the daemon ?

In my setup it is NOT restarting the daemon(httpd or any other) when I kill the daemon,Though it is restarting the daemons on other server WHEN the server itself is stopped.