MySQL & Friends Meetup @ Fosdem

Fosdem is coming up again .. It's going to be the 10th edition already So it's going to be 2 days and nights of fun, tech and geek stuff

Lenz already posted the announcement , but allow me to recapitulate.

The MySQL & Friends meetup is on saturday evening , we'll meet around 1900 in front of the under the big tree in front of the AW building...

As with the Devops Meetup you can once again vote for your preferred food

The crowd voted and Favoured an Italian place , so I've made reservations for a 15+ persons group at Sogno d'Italia which is walking distance from the conference location, so there'wont be any hassle with cars and transport

The schedule for the Devroom is also already available

See u there :)


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#1 Scrapbook : When's the next meetup?

... and what usually goes on at these things? What's the typical sequence of events, in other words..

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#2 LenZ : Thanks for the plug!

Hi Kris,

thanks for spreading the word and for your offer to organize this meetup, it's appreciated!