Musical Fedora Annoyancies.

Karl has been jokingly calling Fedora the Distribution if you don't want sound.
And I`m starting to believe him ..

Over the past 3 days that I'm using Fedora 14 I've had random crashes
Given that all my podcast feeds are configured in my favourite rhytmbox .. that's what I started out with.. On my F12 setup it used to be pretty stable... however it took me less than 15 minutes
for the first crash... and then another one .. and another one..
So I started looking at other clients ..

I have a mixed collection of Ogg and MP3's grabbed from my own cd's so there shouldn't be too much weird stuff in that collection. On my desktop there's only like 4G of music so parsing the data should not be an issue.

I remembered Amarok, installed it .. and the same happened .. after 5-10 minutes it crashed..
I tought about Banshee... however when seeing the dependencies I quickly aborted the installation.

People on twitter started suggesting me other tools
Like clementine which I never heard of ... sadly I managed to crash clementine within 10 minutes.

After clementine it was time for yet another tool Vincent suggested me Exaile .. guess what ... it crashed.

Yet still... Fedora doesn't want me to listen to my music ;)

So does anyone dare to suggest yet another music player that I should test for random crashes ?


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#1 Anonymous : Fedora Crashes

With me the gimp crashed Fedora 14. I switched to Fedora 14 from Ubuntu 10.10 which began to crash so often ,I couldn't stand it. Ubuntu 10.04 never crashed on this machine.

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHz
G96 (Geoforce 9400 GT) video card

With Ubuntu dbus deamon would completely overwhelm CPU and system would log out.

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#2 lefred : decibel

you can try to crash "decibel" another music player

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#3 Frederik : If you have that many crashes

If you have that many crashes in different applications, maybe something underlying in Fedora is broken?

Like or ?