On Monty Leaving Sun

When I read Monty's post on leaving this passage struck me the most.

The main reason for leaving was that I am not satisfied with the way the MySQL server has been developed, as can be seen on my previous blog post. In particular I would have like to see the server development to be moved to a true open development environment that would encourage outside participation and without any need of differentiation on the source code. Sun has been considering opening up the server development, but the pace has been too slow.

In short, Sun isn't open enough. I think I've said that enough, it's typically more Open Core than Open Source .. and for a growing amount of people.. that isn't good enough.

Reacting on that post we see Matt Asay trying to convince his CNet Audience that Open Source Ideals don't translate well into a big sofware business.

I think Tarus view I see it as just the opposite. Open source spells the end of big software, if big software is defined as companies that make billions of dollars from selling software licenses. is much more to the point.

And the way Sun has been working, with MySQL, Virtualbox and different others doesn't seem to work that well either.
I stopped counting the P companies but I think I`m allmost a point where I know mere ex-Sun/MySQL employees than current Sun/MySQL employees and it's not just on the MySQL side that this happens.

Maybe Monty leaving Sun will wake up the powers that be, maybe it won't.

Finishing off with another quote from Tarus

In my mind Monty is a role model and I wish him all the best.


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#1 Bobby : I think its Monty's fault

I'd agree with your comments on Sun, but 5.1 was well underway well before the Sun Acquisition. Mysql the Independent company was not open enough before Sun bought them. I think Mysql ( and innodb/oracle) will have to be forced to open up the development process in order to stay relevant in the face of the P company competition.

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#2 Kris Buytaert : True

I have to agree with you that MySQL wasn't open enough before Sun bought them .. but it looks to me like different people back then already wanted it to be more open , only to hold that of in the light of the acquistion. Who knows ..