I found the initial announcement in my Spambox, thats where I send all the mails from GroundWork as unsubscribing from their marketing lists doesn't seem to work ..

Tarus pointed it out.. he already mentionned Marketing, low community imput etc..

Nevertheles I had a look, and my first and last impression was, NagiosForge, no active community, and empty pages on other imvho more relevant Monitoring Projects created by GroundWork employees.

Big John coined the "to pull a GroundWork" phrase aiming at their early products, err logo placements. When we were evaluating differen Open Source monitoring tools for our OLS paper about 18 months ago we looked at the tool and it didn't make the cut .. it failed in all areas where it claimed to be strong, ease of installation , lack of errorhandling during the installation, etc ... some while later another collegue tried again and we ran into similar problems

Yet some people claim it to be a great product.. I'm not a fan yet ...maybe one day they they'll know to convince me .. but for now
When I need Nagios .. I`ll be looking at Djagios , Opsview , Icinga or the real thing.

However, ther's still Hyperic, Zenoss and Zabbix :)


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#1 NetDiva : Forge and 6.0

Hi Kris,

I found your blog post interesting and I'd like to comment on some of your points.

Regarding community input and MonitoringForge, we are currently trying to pull together a governance board made of community members. We are striving make this site as neutral as possible. A community driven steering community is the first of many steps we are taking to achieve that goal. Perhaps you'd be interested in in throwing your hat in the ring for a seat. See:

Secondly, GroundWork Monitor has evolved drastically in the past 18 months. That’s eons in terms of software development. GroundWork Monitor 6.0 just came out and it's entirely new codebase. I understand why the product you looked at may not have cut it, but in all fairness, I don't think your conclusion is very up-to-date. See for more info.

Anyway, I'm mostly writing to ask you to give us a chance. The team behind MonitoringForge isn't just a bunch of faceless "marketing people." I have an open source resume that goes back to 97 with some pretty big projects in my past.

We are actively seeking input from the community and will continue to do so. Please email me personally with your suggestions!


Amy L. Abascal
Sr. Mgr Websites & Community Chick
GroundWork & MonitoringForge
amya at gwos dot com