Linuxcon Europe, Barcelona

I`m in Barcelona this week for LinuxCon Europe ..
I`ll be hosting 3 sessions this week.

Today I`ll be helping Sebastien Goasguen with his session Building Foss Clouds, I`ll be talking about how to use tools such as Puppet, Graphite and Icinga to monitor your clouds. Sebastian inherited the Building FOSS Clouds tutorial last week and asked me to help out.

Tomorrow I`ll be giving my 11 Open Source Tools for your Devops Stack talking.

And on thursday I will be giving a more general "What's this #devops thing anyhow" talk during the Cloudstack event following LinuxCon.


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#1 Anonymous : OpenWorld

I feel like I just got back home from Oracle OpenWorld

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#2 John Hunter : devops

It seems to me devops is largely about managing your organization as a system, as Dr. Deming proposed.

This post is more related to your previous post on what is devops but I can't comment there.

It seems to me devops seems mainly to just be a specific example of managing the organization as a complete system instead of having the units mainly manage themselves and only grudgingly deal with each of the other units when it can't be avoided.

And then context around those talking about "devops" provides some good examples, tools and practices that seem to work well in integrating computer system administration and operations.