HTC Hero Upgrade

This morning my HTC Hero told me it had an upgrade available.
It wasn't really the moment to do the upgrade.

So when tonight I wanted to perform the upgrade I couldn't really find out how to initiate it again .

Apparently the trick is to put the date of your phone one month forward and you get the update request again.

So my phone has been updated ... so let's hope this indeed was the preparation for a real upgrade ..

Oh and don't forget to put it back to the original date :)


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#1 Anonymous : This is actually part one of

This is actually part one of the updates - it basically installs a new bootloader, and for some countries, new version of YouTube.

I don't know how much of a user you are of your phone, but I can recommend having a look at for a completely open (as in rooted) firmware for Eclair now, for the Hero. Guides a plenty on how to get it on.