At Fosdem

  • on Friday evening , apparently having a confirmed reservation in a resto is not enough to actually be welcome at that restaurant.
  • at DrupalDevdays, only 2 laptops were open during our presentation
  • at DrupalDevdays, almost nobody in the room was already using CI
  • at Fosdem , the parking lot is full before 11:30 on a saturday
  • at Fosdem , much less Macs than last years .
  • at Fosdem , way too much rooms are already at full capacity so you need to have 2-3 backup alternatives ..
  • at Fosdem , people expect me to be in certain rooms, at the same time
  • at Fosdem , even with too much rooms already full one still misses a bunch of interresting talks
  • at Fosdem , one doesn't even realize friends are speaking there too ..
  • at Fosdem , Android is the standard ...
  • at Fosdem , you are confronted with the fact you probably forgot more names of people than you remember ;(
  • at Fosdem , you are surrounded by famous open source people, that aren't even on the schedule
  • at the MySQL Meetup Dinner, Monty brings Salmiakki
  • at Fosdem , you wonder how many other people have survived their 11th edition
  • at Fosdem , you can't get into any devroom on sunday morning
  • at Fosdem , begging on Twitter to get in to a devroom from the other side of the door works (at least for me :))
  • at Fosdem , netbooks are much less popular as opposed to 2-3 years ago ..
  • after fosdem ... you crash ..
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    #1 juliemarg : Attending conferences

    I don't know if this would help you - but a friend of mine use to create a photo board of everyone she met at conferences and tag them with names. This was pre-internet -- now you could create a private twitter list of people you've met irl and review it before the event.

    But, I think it's a chick thing. I don't want to forget someone's name. Most guys wouldn't care.

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    #2 Dieter_be : Despite the food being a bit

    Despite the food being a bit basic at the Devops dinner, and not feeling very welcomed at the restaurant, the vibe was good. Lots of interesting folks and good chats. Thanks for organizing it.