FlossUK and Puppetcamp Edinburgh

I've just finished presenting my talk on how I currently work on Puppet modules at Puppetcamp here in Edinburgh where I've been for the week talking on both FlossUK 2012 and Puppetcamp.

Earlier this week I opened FlossUK 2012 with my talk on 7 tools for your devops stack


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#1 Built In Entertainment Center : Definitely agree with Kris

Definitely agree with Kris that Kibana is better. Absolutely worth checking out before signing your life over to Logstash.

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#2 Jens Braeuer : Kibana

You dont happen to have some larger screenshots of Kibana somewhere? It seems you run it and I could not find them on the web. What are the advantages over the interface built into Logstash?

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#3 Kris Buytaert : Logstash

Have you looked at the Logstash interface .
Kibana is just better .. much better ...