Everything is a fine whitespace problem ...

Couple of days ago I was working on a Linux Heartbeat v2 setup.
Upon inserting an XML snippet into the cib cib-adm started eating memory fast until the oom killer kicked in.

The environment was running a fairly old heartbeat-2.0.8 version so I upgraded to heartbeat-2.1.4-2.1 and there I got a nice warning that my XML sintax wasn't correct.

There was a whitespace in the XML syntax.

  1. <expression attribute="#replicationvalue" id="is_lagged" operation ="gt" ... ><

Removing the whitespace solves the problem, also on the older version. So the problem is already fixed upstream.. but you might run into it anyhow.


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#1 ZipKid : Whitespace

A clear case of http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace/ !!



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#2 Koen Vereeken : whitespaces..

tend to have the side effect of influencing the correct working of an application.... ;-)