Drupal Twitter module

As I don't really use twitter apart to microblog but rather as an Instatn Messaging tool (why those people don't use IRC or Jabber remains a mistery to me wheel.reinvent :( )

I figured I could abuse it to announce posts on my blog, lots of people seem to be doing this so there had to be an easy way to auto publish them ..

The wonderful Drupal community seemed to have the same idea and therefore created the Twitter Module

A big fat warning however when you start using it.
The default values the module proposes for a tweet is :

New post: !title (!url)

Which results in something tinyurl doesn't really translate well..
(As you can see in this tweet)

So remove the brackets , or have some broken links to deal with :)


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#1 Amedee : also a bug in the Twitter filter

The Twitter module has another bug.

It is also a filter that translates @usernames and #hashtags to Twitter links. The problem is that it inserts the < a>-tag twice, so you get
<a href="foo"><a href="foo">bar</a></a>

While most browsers will render this without any problem, it is not valid HTML, and the W3C Validator will compain.

I reported the bug some months ago, but afaict it's not yet solved.

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#2 Kris Buytaert : Noticed that

Noticed that bugreport indeed .. while posting mine :)