#devops Conference Season heating up...

My last post has been a while ... in that I announced that there would be another event right before FOSDEM ... I totally forgot to announce it here but I`m sure that most of you already know. Yes. PuppetCamp Europe is coming back to it's roots... it's coming back to the city where we hosted it for the first time on this side of the ocean.. Gent. (that's 31/1 and 1/2 )

There is still time to register for the event http://puppetcampghent2013.eventbrite.com/ The schedule for the event will be published soonish (given that the selection was done on Friday evening and the speakers already received their feedback)

Co-located with PuppetCamp there will another Build and Open Source cloud day
Build a Cloud day with interesting topics such as Cloudstack, Ceph, devops and a really interesting talk on how the Spotify crowd is using Cloudstack.

So after those 2 days in Ghent, a lot of people will be warmed up for the open source event of the year FOSDEM.

And right after FOSDEM a bunch of people will gather at the Inuits office for 2 days of discussing, hacking and evangelizing around #monitoringlove (see previous post)

I almost forgot but even before the FOSDEM week-long there is the 2013 PHP Benelux Conference where I`ll be running a fresh version of the 7 Tools for your devops stack

There is a ****load of #DevopsDays events being planned this year .... the 2012 edition of New York will be taking place next week .
Austin and London have been announced and have opened up their CFP and Registration but different groups are organizing themselves to host events in Berlin, Mountain View, Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam , Australia , Atlanta and many more ..

And there's even more to come .. April 6 and 7 will be the dates for the Linux Open Administration Days (Loadays 2013) in Antwerp again ... a nice small conference where people gather to discuss different interesting Linux topics .... Call For Presentations is still open ..Submit here

On the other side of the ocean there's DrupalCon Portland which once again is featuring a #devops track , and also the folks over at Agile 2013 (Nashville)
have a #devops track now. Both events are still looking for speakers ..

So if by the end of this year you still don't know what devops is all about .. you probably don't care and shouldn't be in the IT industry anyhow.

And those are only the events I`m somehow involved in for the next couple of months


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#1 Alex : Puppetcamp, that's a great

Puppetcamp, that's a great name they came up with. Is the event free?

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#2 Andrew : I would also like to know if

I would also like to know if the even free. If it is not, what is the approximate (or exact) price? Please!

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#3 Kris Buytaert : Free

It was Free .. and Last week..

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#4 RJs : cons r us

I could have potentially made it to Ghent, but the US cons are far to far afield for this weary traveller. For those of you who havent been to a con, you should, you'll have a ball, network, and bound to get a few nice tips when people have downed one too many beers ;)

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#5 Wonkie : Gent & Puppetcamp

Not sure if my last comment went through - the page did something really weird after I clicked save Kris! In any case, here is it again:

Sad to miss Puppetcamp this year - especially cos it's in Gent actually... loved the place when I last visited! Look forward to the feedback after.

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#6 Wonkie : Gent

Sad to miss Puppetcamp this year - especially cos it's in Gent actually... loved the place when I last visited! Look forward to the feedback after.