Nov 02 2008

Everything is a Funky DNS Problem

Tom dropped me a mail today letting me know that all the links to my RSS feed were broken.
I tested, and tested again and failed to reproduce the problem.

The only things I had changed recently where the administrator menu module and Pathauto module, apart from that I had not made any changes. So I tried uninstalling the modules to see if that helped, it didn't. There was no difference between the 2 setups.

When I replied to Tom that I couldn't reproduce the problemm he told me he only had the problem on http://krisbuytaert.be/ and not on http://www.krisbuytaert.be/

So I verified the apache vhost config and it turned out that the problem, as usual, was a frigging DNS problem.
Both Apache vhost config files had a different setup, so depending on how you arrived at this site you got a different config.

Annoying .. but I guess I owe Tom a beer for figuring this out and pointing me to my own DNS problem.