puppet devops

Aug 21 2011

Back from opendbcamp and Froscon

I`m back from my second opendbcamp this year, and my first Froscon :)

With Sankt Augustin being only a 2.5 hour drive , it was one of the only conferences in Europe so close to home that I hadn't visited yet. Overall it's a good conference, it's a good sized, not too crowded event which attracted a bunch of interesting speakers.

Sadly they managed to do way to much changes to the schedule last minute which were not updated in their Android app.. so I ended up arriving in the wrong room multiple times .. Also Sadly German conferences still tend to have way to much German language presentations, for foreign speakers from different parts of the world that limits the choice of talks they can visit.

I gave 2 talks today in Sankt Augustin, I opened the Devops Track today with a general introduction to Devops, the talk was fairly well attended given it was on a Sunday morning right after the social event and plenty of people had questions.

My second talk of the day was about my experience puppetizing SipX, it felt pretty weird having to give an introduction to Puppet in the slot after James , apart from the session chair telling me I had only 5 minutes left about 25 minutes into my talk and the microphone breaking twice on me it went fairly well, it was even attended by a dog.

Time permitting, Froscon is a conference I might visit again :)