Aug 08 2012

Ruby Gems Yum Repo

For those of you that are looking for my old build-gems Github repo, given that lots of other Inuits collegues are using it too I've transferred ownership of that repo to the Inuits group.

It can now be found on https://github.com/Inuits/build-gems/ (Yes directory indexes are disabled on purpose..)

The build result has also been moved. We've replaced our static repo.inuits.be with a Pulp powered yum repo.

The new location of the rubygems rpm repo now is at http://pulp.inuits.eu/pulp/repos/rubygems/

Which can be used as

  1. [rubygems]
  2. name=RubyGems at Inuits
  3. baseurl=http://pulp.inuits.eu/pulp/repos/rubygems
  4. gpgcheck=0

or even

  1. yumrepo { 'rubygems':
  2. baseurl => 'http://pulp.inuits.eu/pulp/repos/rubygems',
  3. descr => 'RubyGems at Inuits',
  4. gpgcheck => '0',
  5. }

More repos are moving .. I`ll be updating Vagrant trees as I go ..